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Zugunruhe is a linear visual novel telling the story of Josef Mollner, a recent recruit in the Nazi ranks who finds the practices of war unsettling. Follow his journey and discover the impact of the second world war based off real life events. A bittersweet tale with over 20 minutes of immersive storytelling. Please be aware the game features images that may be considered graphic or disturbing to some people. If you are trigger sensitive then it is suggested you do not play this game.

This project that took 3 days to develop. I saw the advert for the Summer Jam in the late afternoon with literally with only 2.5 days to go and decided to commission my friend to help out. Both of us are artists so it made the job easier.

I made sure I tried to keep the story as on point with real life events as possible. Almost everything that happened in this story happened in real life. The story is in no way meant to represent real people but is based on real events.

I had fun making this and I hope that this story will be something others can enjoy. It's solemn and bittersweet, but ultimately shows the good in people, even if they're classified as bad guys.

If you play this game, or if you have any stories relating to WW2 or anything that this helps remind you of, please feel free to comment. I would love to hear any feedback or stories you have. If I had more time this wouldn't have been such a rush job but I am still proud of the outcome.

We hope you enjoy. :)


Zugunruhe.zip 54 MB


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what a powerful and emotional story